A peak through the square window

I’m often asked why I favour a square canvas, especially when I paint portraits and landscapes. Each of these usually gives the descriptive term to the shape of canvas I should be using. However, for me there is something much more familiar about a square, balanced, strong and never-ending. The only other member of my […]

Stardate 31 st May 2016

  My friend, the M1 and I have hung out a lot recently, ancient memories and future ponderings filling the endless miles as I drive from my studio in the North to clients and galleries in the South, East,West and all places in-between. I’m quite unique in the animal portrait world in that I insist, […]

Feeling Excited

Stardate 12th May 2016   β€˜On the verge of a new and exciting website my attention is being pulled in and focused. To stop wondering around on the outer edges and really get to the point. What is this Sara Abbott about and what is her purpose?’ The beginning of new things brings with it […]