Six month rotation

My domestic animal portrait work supports all my other work and my life. For me it’s important to give something back to the dogs who are less fortunate than my subjects and so I continue to work with a different animal charity every six months.

Woody’s legacy

In 2006, following the death of his dearest canine friend Woody, John Hughes sold his house in Brighton UK and bought a mountain in the Philippines where he built a much needed dog rescue sanctuary to serve as a legacy to the life and times of his wonderful dog.



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Current Charity

I donate part of my fee to each charity I work with. From each formal, oil on canvas portrait I donate £100 and £25 from a loose sketch on paper. I’m always interested in hearing of different animal charities rescue work, and welcome contact from them to discuss opportunities and ways of working together.

Dogs Mountain

I met John a few years ago, we spoke of his work in the Philippines and of painting as John was a talented artist. Tragically John died recently but his work carries on, in his memory and in gratitude for all he started ‘Dogs Mountain’ will be my charity from the 1st January till the end of June 2017. Please follow the central link the their website


Examples of charity work