I find great fortune in the lightness of my life and by default the freedom it gives me to pass my gratitude on to the distant cousins of the dogs I paint (or any other animal or bird), the ones in dire straits. I'd either cry or punch if I was working at the pointy end of animal rescue but I can financially support those who do. From each 'Formal Oil on Canvas' work I donate £100 and from the 'Loose Sketches on Paper' £25. I sometimes run campaigns with specific charities or organisations but over the years have built up a connection with lots of them, so now I send funds where the need is greatest at the time. If a client has a particular connection with a rescue then I am delighted to send it that way in their animal's name. I’m also keen to include donations for the protection of native British wildlife, habitat and to look at tree planting initiatives, especially through my landscape work.