Imagine a road trip; Thoreau, Robert Louis Stevenson, W. H. Davies and Van Gogh travelling around the Highlands in a little black van, blown by the weather, following their noses. Debate, adventure, serendipitous meetings, painting and whisky and all kept in order by a little, telepathic dog.

The others may have been in my mind but I was there and so was the dog.

In August 2021 released from the grip of plague and incarceration, running from a relationship that was binding. I headed for the hills, the West Coast Scottish Highlands. My tiny home on wheels, my Little Black Van filled with paints, handmade papers and means of application. I followed my nose and drifted across the Rough Bounds, steered by the land and the history it holds. The only rule in this drifting was to create a painting, a landscape, each day and words to record all the elements in between. Over the days the simple trip morphed into a pilgrimage filled with magic and serendipitous meetings and my original journaling grew into a work soon to be available to all. There are more such written works in the pipeline. For now please visit my profile on my agents website: